• Catt Napper

    I have been a member of CFM since September 2012. It was in the summer of 2013 that my son Mason who was 12, started going to the gym with me.  He loved everything about Crossfit and he formed a strong bond with Payne, one of the coaches.  I love going to the 9am class with my crew and Mason will go to the 7pm class since he is in school in the mornings.  We discuss the WOD when he gets home from school and some strategy of the weight he may lift for that WOD. We just competed in our first team competition together in September.  I am very proud of his skill level and how far he has gotten with his lifts.  CFM is a great box to join as a family.  The community has a strong family bond that creates a fun environment to get the workout done.

    Catt Napper
  • Michael&Mallory

    My husband, Michael, joined CrossFit Marietta in May 2014 when he just decided one day, “Hey, I haven’t worked out in years; let’s give CrossFit a try!” And not surprisingly, he took to CrossFit like a fish to water. I had been working out on my own for awhile, but it was a slow process to get to where I wanted. So, after much prodding I joined too in July 2014.

    Boy was it tough! I would get jealous of how easily the movements came to Michael. He has even gotten an elusive muscle up! But, I continue to remind myself of the little victories I see in myself. Before I started at CrossFit Marietta, I did push-ups on my knees and never even attempted to climb a rope. Today, I can do regular push-ups, and I even climbed the rope all the way to the top (15 ft) a few weeks ago! We even participated in the CrossFit Open—something I never would have imagined!

    What’s awesome about CrossFit, is that there is always something to strive for, always a movement to practice. And the fact that everything is “constantly varied” makes it fun and exciting every day. I love that CrossFit teaches “functional movements.” I see it in myself every day. Michael deadlifts car parts at his job; I front squat when picking up sticks in the yard; we power clean our bulldog’s 35-pound dog food bag from the bottom shelf onto our shoulders. The coaches, owners, and staff at CrossFit Marietta make you feel comfortable from your very first day at the box. They are knowledgeable and friendly and help you scale any and all workouts/movements to your ability. CrossFit Marietta has taught us that we can be strong—not just in lifting weights but in life. Fast forward a year later: Together, Michael and I are 85 pounds lighter, 100% stronger, and 300% more confident and determined to get even better. We’ve lost inches and clothing sizes, but we’ve gained friendships and a fun, new outlook on life. And I know it couldn’t have happened without CrossFit Marietta.

    Mallory and Michael Holder