The short version

We’re doing a fundraiser for Brittany Duckworth. Each Friday evening 522114_908027359207715_2987511893413932330_n-e1424794702357during the Open, when you get there, you’ll be put in a heat and you’ll complete the Open workout and be judged and everything. We’ll be asking for donations for Britt. It’s open to anybody – members and non-members.

You can donate online via I do it for my Donor.

The long version

Brittany Duckworth is a beloved former member of Crossfit Marietta. She has a heart of gold, the determination of a bulldog, and the spirit of a champion. In 2007, her liver started to fail and she received a transplant from an individual that happened to be a runner. In honor of her donor, she took up running and completed multiple half marathons, a marathon, some ultra marathons, and was recruited by an obstacle course racing team. She also started doing Crossfit, fell in love with competing, doing so every chance she got.

Brittany also started an organization called I Do It For My Donor. Her goal is to raise awareness for organ donation with an attitude that nothing should hold you back from accomplishing your goals. She also visits the transplant floor at Piedmont Hospital every year to spend time with patients and their families to lift their spirits.
Last fall, her body began to reject the liver and she was hospitalized for a few weeks. This past week, she was, again, hospitalized for a few days. As you can imagine, lengthy stays at the hospital can be a huge financial burden. Her Crossfit Marietta family would like to help alleviate that burden.

For each week of the 2015 Crossfit Open, we will be hosting a workout every Friday afternoon/evening. It is open to anybody and everybody. We ask for a donation each week, no matter how big or small. If the turnout is large enough, we’re going to also try to get vendors and raffles for the last week of the open.

So come out and join us to support our dear friend and family member.

Please share and pass along to your friends and family. Just donations are welcome as well.