Coaching Difference

Our coaches are former college athletes, physical therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, some are young and some have been around awhile. All of our coaches carry a level experience that most gyms don’t. Many of our coaches have devoted their lives to health and fitness so that your experience with CrossFit Marietta is more than just a membership but an all-encompassing training for life.

Fundamentals Course

Our Fundamentals Course is a series of private training sessions that set you up for success in the group classes. Our coaches will prepare you by introducing the fundamental movements, educating you on our program, and discussing your goals. 


An intuitive performance tracking software based in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere. Track your performance and see how you rank against other athletes at CrossFit Marietta. Watch your progress over time from our digital whiteboard. View the class schedule, register and sign into classes, and check out the day’s WOD — all from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. All of these features are available for our members.

Structured Programming

CrossFit Marietta’s programming is designed to prepare individuals for everything from life’s daily tasks to high-level high school, collegiate and professional sports to local CrossFit competitions, and more. We hold a daily WOD (Workout Of the Day) that incorporate metabolic conditioning, mobility, strength, agility and balance. All of these WODs have the same methodologies, structure and scientific approach, with the ultimate goal of functional longevity while being our fittest self possible. All workouts are structured for athletes to train together, giving us all of the encouragement and the community to help meet our goals. As a CrossFit affiliate, it is our mission to develop programming that encourages and pushes all levels of athletes to train together, assisting in building the strongest community possible. Components of gymnastics, Olympic lifting, power lifting and cardio are arranged in various intervals to always keep your body guessing and never reaching that plateau.

Community Feel and Connection

community & connectionNaturally, the group atmosphere allows for interaction with fellow members, daily. This interaction typically blossoms into friendships based on accountability and encouragement. This behavior is what makes CrossFit Marietta great. Your fellow group class participant can be your greatest critic and your most enthusiastic supporter and cheerleader. They will most likely push you beyond the threshold needed to reach your goals, as their path is similar to yours. Never again will you be alone in your journey to greater health and fitness once you step into our box.