Heather Vanstory

How did you first hear about CrossFit?

I had seen things here and there through a friend on Facebook, but I really learned about it when I met Leah.


When did you become a member of CFM?

October 2012 (after my first big girl paycheck!).


What was your first WOD?

I’m pretty sure it was “fight gone bad,” with the old 6am crew. It was Heather and Luis’ first day as well!


Favorite movement and/or WOD:

Anything that doesn’t involve wall balls 🙂


Least favorite movement and/or WOD:

Wall balls…bleh.


What keeps you coming back?

Ha!  This is a good question since I’ve taken a couple breaks :). Definitely the people…I love my CFM family!  All the other workouts I have ever done before and while taking a break from CrossFit have paled in comparison. I also feel like I am part of a team and playing a sport again, which is something I had greatly missed.


Tell us something we may not know about you.

I have the cutest nephew and niece ever!!!  Just kidding…everyone already knows that 🙂  Hmmmmm…my favorite foods are pizza and ice cream. It is a wonderful day when I have both!


What do you do when you’re not at CFM?

Work, sleep, catch up with family and friends, answer questions about myself 😉


What advice would you give someone new to CrossFit?

Don’t try to compare yourself to others…that’s when you get into trouble. A little healthy competition can be good, but you need to be smart and realize that you may not be as skilled or as strong as someone else just yet. Give it time and leave your ego at the door…your body will thank you!