FREE Intro Session

The free trial lasts about an hour. You will participate in a LIVE CrossFit Class at our Open House Saturdays or during the week if your schedule does not permit (please indicate on the contact form). Then you’ll start exercising. The session consists of instruction in some basic movements. Your goals and current fitness will be evaluated and discussed. A workout tailored to your abilities will follow. Don’t feel as if you’re being thrown in to quickly. Our professional trainers will guide you and scale you accordingly.


Fundamentals Course

ALL PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS MAY HAVE TO ENROLL IN THE FUNDAMENTALS COURSE BEFORE ENTERING GROUP CLASSES (Abbreviated and extended courses are at the discretion of our staff.) The Fundamentals Course is a series of private training sessions which get your ready to succeed in the group training. If you are looking for the cheap, fast entry to CrossFit group training, we are not it. Quick integration into group training is how injuries occur. If that’s what you want, you need to go somewhere else. There are plenty of CrossFit gyms in the area that will put you into group classes faster and cheaper that we do, so before you sign up for a free intro session, be sure you understand what we require, and how much it costs.

During the Fundamentals Course we want you to learn why we do what we do, so you will learn about CrossFit’s definition of fitness and the CrossFit Method. We’ll talk about your goals, your experience in fitness, exercise, and sport, your injuries and limitations, and assess your mobility/flexibility. We answer any questions you have. CrossFit is hard in several respects. First, the mechanics of the movements must be mastered, then you will be be asked to push yourself because high intensity exercise is proven to elicit quicker and more profound positive results in every aspect of fitness than low intensity exercise. Second, all exercise movements, including the ones we use, have potential to cause injury if done with incorrect posture or with incorrect technique. Getting ready for groups is a need to learn unfamiliar movements, get consistent at doing them correctly, and often we find mobility/flexibilty restrictions we need to fix in order to allow correct movement. The formula is (1) First learn correct movement technique, (2) Next become consistent with correct movement, (3) Then and only then add intensity. Fast tracking you into group workouts before you’re ready is cheaper, but it’s a recipe for confusion, disappointment, and injury.

Our Fundamentals Course normally consists of 4 or more sessions. We won’t release you to group training until you are ready. If you require more than 4 sessions, additional sessions will be priced at the same per session. If you need less, the price will be adjusted pro rata. Each personal training session lasts about 1 hour. The sessions are by appointment. Each session will introduce new movements and review movements from previous sessions. Each session will have a workout, stretching, and cool down.

CrossFit Group Classes

Once you have demonstrated competency in the functional movements and you have met our graduate benchmarks, you then may move on to our group classes.

In our group classes the focus will be on training to the margins and increasing your work capacity. The pace will be fast but you will be prepared after completing your Foundations Course. In your class you will be surrounded by other like minded individuals that are seeking the most effective training in the world. Our coaches are world class and they will lead you to a level of fitness greater than you can imagine!

You will undoubtably find your self doing things you never thought possible. You will also find yourself with a new social and support network around you. The CrossFit Marietta family will help encourage and support you on your journey to better health and happiness.


Programs & Pricing

The Fundamentals Course: an introduction to CrossFit
This series of private training appointments is required before joining the regular classes, and gets folks up to speed and ready for the group atmosphere. Go to the page on the Fundamentals Course for details. Pricing is $40 per session or $120 for 4 sessions. Every athlete is different and will be assessed to determine how many fundamental courses will be needed.

CrossFit Group Classes:

All group sessions are coached by one or more trainers certified in the CrossFit method. The Fundamentals Course or passing a skills/fitness test is required before joining as a group class member.

Unlimited Monthly (Month to month, cancel anytime. No cancellation fees): $160

Unlimited Monthly Recurring (Recurring payment, 30 day notice for cancellation): $150

Unlimited Monthly Student/Teacher/Fire/Police (Month to month, cancel anytime. No cancellation fees): $135**

Unlimited Monthly Student/Teacher/Fire/Police Recurring
(recurring payment, 30 day notice for cancellation): $125**

All Unlimited packages listed above can be purchased at 6-month and annual terms.

10-class punch card (expires 60 days after purchase): $120

Drop-In: $15 cash or purchase a T-shirt for $20

**CrossFit Marietta is the only affiliate that will donate $25 every month for every member that is a student or teacher of all area schools. Those donations will be sent to the school, department, club or team of their choice.**

Contact us for more details.


After reading Getting Started, sign up for a free Intro Trial!