CrossFit- May 4, 2018


800m Run
rest 3 min
800m Run

Close Grip Bench Press
4×5 @2201 tempo
Fitness- warm up to weight that can be used for all 4 sets at strict tempo

Performance- @70% of 1rm bench press

Functional Flexy Friday

4 "Giant Sets” (not for time but brisk pace)
10 Kneeling Single Arm Dumbbell Press (Each Side)
10 Romanian Deadlifts
15 Tricep Push-ups
15 Weighted Pausing Hip Extensions (25/15)

Athlete’s choice on loading, but it must be moderate enough so that allows for unbroken repetitions each time. On the hip extensions, pause for a full two seconds at the top of each repetition, natural tempo for all movements while maintaining control. Rest 1:00 – 2:00 between sets.

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