• Jerry Collett

    Fitness and especially coaching is a strong passion of mine and has been for as long as I can remember. Expanding on that passion I walked on football, as a wide-out and earned a degree in Exercise Science from Auburn University.   Once I moved to Atlanta I did High School Strength Coaching at the Walker School, Personal Training, and a Strength Coach for pro and amateur MMA athletes. I earned certifications in Olympic Weightlifting (USAW), Kettlebell Lifting (American Kettlebell Club), and Strength and Conditioning (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist).

    My path to CrossFit was first an experiment of the methodology of CrossFit, as it pertains to exercise physiology I was taught in school. A lot of the training protocol really flew in the face of common practice, at the time, and I was very skeptical of its long term effects. So the only way to see how CrossFit worked was to dive in and do it. So in 2010, I trained for six weeks strictly CrossFit and signed up for a competition to test my theory. To my surprise I did not fall apart, actually performed very well, and had a lot of fun. I went on to earn my Level 1 CrossFit certification, started Coaching CrossFit in 2011 and was the Program Director for a local affiliate for the past 6 years.

    I love what I do and helping people become better versions of themselves, is why I still enjoy every single class I coach. “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” Marc Anthony


    Chadd has been involved in competition and fitness for his entire life. He began playing sports at age 4, starting with martial arts, soccer, and baseball. After wrestling through high school Chadd developed a passion for physical training performance. He then became a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for high school and collegiate athletes. He began Crossfit in 2014 and earned a L1 certification less than a year later and is currently an OPEX CCP1 student. Chadd is highly motivated to help others achieve their fitness goals and reach their full performance potential.

  • Leah Cozzo Level-2 Certified Trainer

    Leah is a physical therapist who brings a ton of mobility knowledge. Our members benefit greatly from her knowledge of the body and how to prevent injuries or just workout sore or tight muscles. Leah’s attention to detail and flexible programming has allowed her to become a well respected trainer in the CrossFit community. Leah focuses on a 4-part program: endurance, gymnastics and high intensity strength training and most importantly mobility. While away from the gym she’s always finding great new approaches to mobility and strength.

  • Edward Carroll Level-1 Certified Trainer, USAW Certified

    Edward too is one of the original members with a strong desire to provide every member with support. You’ll find Edward socializing with current members and making brand new members feel at home. Edward brings a lot of knowledge and tips to achieve your goals and is a firm believer in the Paleo diet. Edward is never shy to lend a hand and helpful advice as he has extensive knowledge of Olympic lifts.

  • Casey Meehan Level-1 Certified Trainer

    Casey is one of the original members with a ton of experience. Casey always likes to help with other members before, during or even staying after to give additional pointers he’s learned over the years. As a college athlete he knows what it takes to achieve your goals.

  • Jessica Patterson Level-1 Certified Trainer

    Jessica decided to come try CrossFit on Memorial day 2013. Murph was her very first workout and she was hooked. She came in the next day and signed up! A little over a year later Jessica decided to get her Level 1 Certification because she wanted to learn more about CrossFit and become a better athlete and to have the ability to coach if the opportunity came about. Now she has been coaching for about 7 months and LOVES it! She feels blessed to have the opportunity to help people live healthy lives through fitness. Jessica truly feels there is nothing better than the smile on her clients faces when they get their first double under, or first kipping pull up, or when they PR on their clean and jerk! CrossFit has changed her life in so many ways and she hopes the same for everyone who comes into CFM!

  • Bobby Wood  Level-1 Certified Trainer

    Bobby has always been active, playing sports since childhood. He got his first start in weightlifting while playing football in high school. In January of 2013, Bobby reluctantly tried CrossFit after some convincing from a friend. He was immediately hooked due to the challenge, variety of work outs, and the community atmosphere. Bobby became highly motivated to improve as an athlete. As he pursued further knowledge, he found that he enjoyed sharing what he learned with his fellow athletes, so he earned my Level 1 certification in June of 2014.

    Bobby’s personality type is to pay close attention to details. His philosophy on coaching is to help the athlete break down movements into smaller components, improve each piece, and then put it all back together for a more efficient performance.

    The biggest reward for him as a coach is taking the athlete through that process and sharing their excitement when something “clicks”.


    Marcy is proud to say she is married to the most perfect person. They have 3 dogs and a Koi pond with 11 fish. As a Massage Therapist for over 25 years and a woman in her 50’s, Marcy understands the importance of staying strong and fit. She is very grateful to have been a part-time Coach for CFM for almost two years now and Coaching others to be stronger physically and mentally enriches her life in so many ways. Our members, owners, and coaches feel much like family to her and she feels truly blessed.

  • Jason “JJ” Jirasakhiran Level-1 Certified Trainer


    Jason started CrossFit in 2007 and became a certified Level 1 trainer in 2010. Aiming to help individuals set and achieve quantifiable fitness goals, he led a bootcamp for four years. As a collegiate tennis player who also competed in several bodybuilding competitions, Jason is driven to perform at the highest level and understands how to motivate athletes to reach their potential.